History of Club

Crouch Bowling Club Seaford was founded in 1935 and is located in Crouch Gardens (off Bramber Lane) East Street, Seaford. The Club’s aim is to provide members with facilities for bowling in accordance with the rules of Bowls England and the Sussex County Bowls Association.

Seaford Town Council owns the bowling green. Members of the club pay an annual season ticket fee covering all play from 1st May to 30th September, the season ticket also permitting play at other council greens.


Supplied by Mike Nolan

In the 1920’s the Crouch area was owned by Mr Palister and where Coldstream House now stands was Mr Palister’s home. Our present bowling green was Mr Palister’s market garden where he grew his vegetables and flowers, and he grazed his horse on what is now the football pitch. On Mr Palister’s demise he bequeathed the house and land to Seaford Urban District Council, and the Council used his home for their offices for many years.

In 1924 or thereabouts a bowling green was laid down in the Salts recreation ground. Today if you stand with your back to the sea and look just to the left of the Salt’s Cafe you will see the remains of the old bowling green. Because of its close proximity to the sea, it was difficult to maintain. Our Club Pavilion, which is now part of our new clubhouse was adjacent to the green and it had an additional room used for small boats attached to the men’s changing room.

In 1935 The Crouch Bowling Green was laid at the cost of some £1,200 and a photograph in the men’s changing room shows the opening day. The name Crouch is said to be derived from the Norman word croix or cross, which is said to be attributed to the cross roads in Crouch Lane.

Pictured below is in The Salts Recreation Ground in Seaford where the club started its life in 1935. The Bowling Green is behind the Boating Lake. The second photo shows the Clubhouse in the background (under water) which I believe is the same one that is in The Crouch that our new extension is attached

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